Risks and Returns

No investment is without risk so any guarantee on profitability is unfair to both of us. Although land values in Northwest Iowa have appreciated consistently for the last several years, we can't predict with certainty they will continue to do so. And while the annual climate in northwest Iowa has also been consistent for producing an abundant crop, it too, is beyond our control. So you as an investor must understand that fluctuation in these key variables impact land values, crop yield, and therefore, the market conditions that affect your financial gain.

Of course, your other risk is the level of competence of your farm operator, because not all farm operators are equal. It takes a combination of skill, knowledge, and market savvy to successfully profit from farming. Since your investment is in the hands of others, you must be able to trust their ability and integrity.

As a financially stable operation, MGP Farms maintains a high level of openness and honesty. We understand that you are putting your trust in us and we maintain complete records on every part of your farming operation. These documents are always available for your inspection. And we pledge to demonstrate the highest level of ethics and work hard to make your farm investment a financial success.