Our History

In the past 100 years, we've advanced from flying 120 feet for twelve seconds to several hour transcontinental flights across oceans. This same technological revolution that characterizes all of modern life has also impacted farming.

In the 1920's, farmland in northwest Iowa sold for $70 an acre and today, for $8,000 an acre. In just a few generations, farming has changed from plowing with horses, to tractors with 25 horsepower, to modern tractors with 500 horsepower.

Corn acreage that took all day to harvest is now swept in minutes by combines with GPS tracking systems that cover 12 rows in one pass. The equipment, the processes, and the marketing involved have evolved to a level of sophistication that rivals every other modern industry. Farming today is a streamlined enterprise that reaps lucrative profits for successful agricultural operations.

Yet, unlike many industries, farming remains a tangible business that yields a visible product. There's a sense of satisfaction to physically walking the land, harvesting & marketing the crop, and knowing that what you supply contributes to the necessity of life.

For socially motivated, savvy investors that anticipate trends, and are willing to seize opportune moments, there is no better time to capitalize on this unique capital venture.